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Luminox is one of the most famous luxury watch brands in the world. Each collection of super clone Luminox watches is designed for a specific purpose.There are many obsessive fans of Luminox Replica watches across the globe. You can count on Replica Watches to shop for perfect fake Luminox watches with great quality. If you are looking for a watch that is suitable for everyday wear but is an all-rounder, sturdy and reliable replica omega watches are the best choice.

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  1. Luminox Navy Seal Ladies Watch 7051

    Swiss Quartz Movement. PC Carbon Reinforced Case Bezel and Caseback. Matte Black Finish prevents Learn More
  2. Luminox Carbon Reinforced Polycarbonate Series 8800 Recon Watch

    GB1049970-J Luminox Series 8800 Recon Watch Features of Luminox Recon Point Man 45mm Watch: Carbon Learn More
  3. Luminox Black Ops XL Xl.8882 Watch

    Luminox Black Ops XL.8882 military style tactical watch. This rugged timepiece is in excellent condi Learn More
  4. Luminox Black Sea Navy Seal Color Mark 7050 Watch

    Luminox Sea Navy Seal Color Mark 7050 Mid size white arabic numerals 38mm diameter Swiss Quartz move Learn More
  5. Luminox Black Air F-22 Raptor Titanium Watch

    Never worn, needs battery. Just a fraction of the retail price and looks like you just opened the re Learn More
  6. Luminox Recon Pointman 8822mi Watch

    New Luminox Recon Pointman model 8822MI military style tactical watch. This rugged timepiece keeps p Learn More
  7. Luminox Black with Cobalt Blue Face Mens Navy Seal Dive Watch

    This is a terrific watch, has a unique illumination that glows up to 100 times brighter than any oth Learn More
  8. Luminox Black Colormark Blackout Luminescent Mens Watch

    WATCH BRAND:Luminox SERIES:Colormark Blackout MODEL NO:3152.BO GENDER:Mens MOVEMENT:Quartz CASE MATE Learn More
  9. Luminox Black with Black Leather Band F-35 Lightning 2 Watch

    Worn only a few times. Showroom new. Just needs a new battery. Stainless steel, water resistant to 2 Learn More

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Luminox has been the watch of choice for professionals like Navy SEALs, SCUBA legend Stan Waterman, the US Coast Guard, law enforcement fivers and many more for the past 25 years. Signed as a direct provider of watches to the United states Navy SEALS, and also trusted and sought by other law enforcement groups around the world, serves as testament to the brand's reliability. Equipped with the Luminox self-powered illumination system, Luminox watches were developed with the intent to provide wears with visibility during no- or low-light conditions, such as long and deep night dives. This special technology is known as the H3 Tritium light tubes, which although radioactive but in small amounts is not dangerous but yet serves the function as an effective illumination tool. Built for rugged use, Luminox watches are equipped with durable plastic cases and unidirection bezels. Prominent watch models such as the Luminox Evo Navy SEAL chronograph gained a reputation for being one of the durable and functional watches in the market. H2 Hub is the exclusive distributor of Luminox watches in Singapore and the full range of Luminox watches and Accessories are available in all H2 Hub outlets and on our website. We also provide free shipping in the US. -- International Shipping Available --