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  1. Oris Aquis Divers Watch

    Oris Aquis Divers Small Seconds 46mm Steel Green Auto Ref 662 Retails for $2,450 The watch is pre-o Learn More
  2. Oris Classic Date Silver Dial Two-tone Stainless Steel Mens 7578 Watch

    BRAND : Oris SERIES : Classic Date MODEL : 01 733 7578 4331-07 8 18 63 GENDER : Men's WATCH LABEL : Learn More
  3. Oris Silver Aquis Regulateur Der Meistertaucher Titanium Watch

    GB1026936-JT Oris Aquis Regulateur Der Meistertaucher Titanium Watch Titanium case bracelet Black Learn More
  4. Oris Silver Genuine Aquis Date Mens 7653 Watch

    General MPN: �������� Included Items Accessories: International warranty, Manual Design Material (Band): Learn More
  5. Oris Black High Mech Men Watch

    Mechanic ( automatic ) , stainless steel,water resistance 100m, all stainless steel ,face black rubb Learn More
  6. Oris Silver 01 735 7752 4154-07 8 24 08 Mens Tt1 Day Date Black Watch

    Oris 01 735 7752 4154-07 8 24 08 Mens TT1 Day Date Black Automatic Watch 100% Authenticity or your m Learn More
  7. Oris Silver/Rose Gold 01 754 7696 4361 07 8 20 32 Mens Big Crown Watch

    Oris 01 754 7696 4361 07 8 20 32 Mens Oris Big Crown Automatic Watch 100% Authenticity or your money Learn More
  8. Oris Silver Black Big Crown Date Pointer 32mm Watch

    Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Automatic 32mm Watch Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Unisex automatic watch Learn More
  9. Oris Tt1 Day Date 0173576514166-0782510 Stainless Steel Automatic Mens Watch

    Oris TT1 Day Date 0173576514166-0782510 Stainless Steel Automatic Men's Watch. Oris watches is made Learn More
  10. Oris Box Stunning Aquis Small Second Stainless Steel with and Papers Watch

    STUNNING!! Oris Aquis Small Second Stainless Steel Watch with Box and Papers Stainless Steel Black Learn More
  11. Oris White Divers Titan Watch

    Vintage Oris automatic Sports watch, small second hand. White rubber band and Titanium case with vis Learn More

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In the minds of watch fans today, the name of Oris is synonymous with the mechanical watch. This didn't just happen by accident, of course.

At the end of the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s, when the "normal" watch consumer was becoming more educated in the ways of mechanical watches, the small watch company Oris, hailing from Holstein in the hinterlands of Basel (one od the few factories in German-speaking part of thr Switzerland), registered the growing demand and reacted immediately. The Oris heads were able to call upon a rich fund of historical models reaching back to 1904 that all seemed to have something speacial about them, One need only think about the hand-winding alarm watch outfitted with the AS Caliber 1730 and its carefully modernized 1950s design that was obviously so much to the taste of an antire generation of mechanical-watch consumers with its moderate price that, for a while. the demand for it seemed almost hysterical. That sparked, in a manner of speaking, the beginning of Oris's career. Strongly fueled by the catchy slogan, "It's high mech by Oris", and with just the right mixture of nostalgically designed watches, slightly modified movements, and incredibly low prices, Oris's position on the market was continually pushed upward. At first the cases were designed with the 1940s in mind and seemed a bit old-fashioned, but today they are stylred more contemporarily, and the watches themselves have also been outfitted with some remarkable technical innovations.

Secure in its good nose for the likes and dislikes of its clientele, Oris presented models like the Pointer, with an unusual sweep calender hand, the Complication, and Rectangular. The Worldtimer models, sporting a dial train exclusively developed for Oris, proves that the company also has the technical competence to modify ETA base movements immensely. And let's not forget the overly large crown on some models, a characteristic that has practically become Oris's trademark over the last decade. In keeping with this, the company named an entire line Big Crown, now known in its abbreviatedfrom BC. Certainly a large part of the appreciation that Oris presently enjoys has to do with the serious interest of the clientele in their "high mech " watches.